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Acupuncture Traditional Chinese herbal medicine


What should I expect during treatment?

The patient can expect the doctor to take the pulse, look at the tongue, and palpate the abdomen. Other points, especially on the limbs, may also be pressed and examined. Many different, and seemingly unrelated questions, may be asked before the formulation of a prescription.

What are some of the expected effects and how quickly will I notice them?

Naturally, there will be a decrease in your symptoms. More acute conditions will be resolved sooner, with effects felt as soon as within a day of taking the herbs. Chronic conditions will take longer and may require a longer course of herb intake. Listen to your body. A common by-product of treating a condition with herbs is that you may feel your body changing in positive ways: you may sleep better, your mood improves, you become more regular. Generally, you will find your health and mental conditions fluctuating less.

Are there any side-effect to the herbs?

No. Unlike western pharmaceuticals where a single drug is given to everyone with the same disease, Chinese herbs are made out to fit your personally. This means the formulas are FREE FROM SIDE EFFECTS.

What are individual herbs comprised of?

Herbs are not only vegetable products, but may also include minerals and animal products. Please indicate if you are a vegetarian and our doctor will accommodate you.

Will I have to do anything to prepare the herbs myself?

No, the herbs are in pill, water-soluble granule, or tincture form. These are much easier to take than raw formulae.

What if I want to take a raw formula?

 Our doctor will be happy to prescribe one for you and to provide detailed method for cooking the herbs. The doctor will write a prescription that you may take to an herb store. 

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