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What should I expect during treatment?

The doctor will begin by talking with you about your chief complaint and asking questions about the general function of your body. He will ask you to lie down on a massage table and will perform pulse, tongue and abdominal diagnoses. He will combine this information, taking into consideration any  other visual or olfactory cues, and will develop a specific treatment plan. Treatment takes place with the client wearing loosely fitting clothes. However, the client may be asked  to dorn a gown if some of the clothing is restricting access to specific points.

How do I prepare for a treatment?

  1. Before treatment, make sure you are not on an empty stomach 

  2. Do not brush your tongue just before treatment.  Please let the doctor know if you have had anything that could stain your tongue. 

  3. Pay close attention to your chief complaint, taking note of what makes it better or worse and how it changes

What types of needles are used?

Most people who have never had acupuncture are surprised at how small the needles are. All needles are made of stainless steel and are NOT hollow. They vary in length and thickness. All needles are pre-packaged and sterilized. Needles are never reused. For children or those uncomfortable with needles, a blunt probe is used to stimulate the points without breaking the skin.

How deeply is the needle inserted into the skin?

In general, this depends upon the particular style of acupuncture that the TCM doctor is practising. In the Chinese style of acupuncture, the needles are inserted deeper (1-6 cm) into the flesh. In the Japanese style, the needles are only inserted a few millimetres into the superficial skin and sometimes the needle is NOT inserted at all, and rests on top of the skin. Of course, the TCM doctor will consult with the patient to ensure that he/she is comfortable with the style used. 

Where are the needles inserted?

Needles are inserted all over the body. Many of the major points are below the elbows and knees. In Korean Hand Technique, all the points are located on the front and back of the hand. In ear acupuncture, naturally all points are located on the ears. Many different systems may be combined.

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Microneedling is a natural, holistic technique that originated in China. The insertion of fine needles into the skin can do wonders for wrinkles and other issues. The process creates tiny wounds, or microchannels, in the skin that are beneficial.

Right now, you might be wondering how a wound could possibly be beneficial. It’s because the skin will respond by creating collagen and new skin cells. The depth of needle penetration can vary based on the product being used.

Derma rollers you can buy will typically have shallow penetration, whereas those from a professional clinic will have deeper penetration. Both can work well to improve the appearance of the skin on your face, though.

Microneedling devices are used by professionals in clinical settings in most cases. You’ll want to choose a derma roller. Some classify derma rolling as microneedling, and the concept is similar. It’s just the devices that are different.

You will roll the device across the skin to get a similar effect. Be sure that you sterilize it after each use. Using the derma roller rather than getting microneedling from a professional is more in line with the traditional method of microneedling.

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What is Facial Rejuvenation?

Before we get too deep into the various techniques and tips that you can use for rejuvenating your skin, it’s nice to have a better understanding of what facial rejuvenation is and why it can be so beneficial.

How Can Facial Rejuvenation Benefit You?

Facial rejuvenation techniques can often stimulate the production of collagen and help tighten loose skin. It can help to delay the aging process, remove the appearance of a double-chin, boost your self-confidence, and so much more.

We can’t turn back the hands of time, but we can certainly do our best to try. Facial rejuvenation techniques and procedures are often geared at stripping away some of the common signs of aging, such as wrinkles and sagging skin around the face. The goal is to make someone look younger, which can in turn make them feel younger and better

about themselves.

You’ll be happier with the reflection in the mirror. When you’re happy with the way you look, this happiness tends to be infectious. You’ll find that it may even seem like other areas of your life improve.

Of course, knowing the benefits of rejuvenation and moving forward and following through with these procedures are two different things. One of the reasons some people are hesitant is because they think it will be difficult to keep up with a routine. Others worry that the procedures are dangerous.

Let’s learn the truth.

Acupuncture: About Us
Acupuncture: About Us
Acupuncture: About Us
Acupuncture: About Us
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